Grave-Detection Machine, Invented by Dr. Arpad Vass Receives Long Awaited Approval for his Patent in July 2018

There will soon come a day that criminals will not be able to hide a human body. Dr. Arpad Vass in going to see to it with his new INQUISITOR machine. How it works is still a closely guarded secret. The INQUISITOR has a range, depending on the terrain, of up to 30 miles. The United States Patent office approved his patent for the INQUISITOR in July 2018. Now with his machine fully patented and with a long list of law enforcement references, Dr. Vass is ready to help anyone find a missing person. He’s worked for many hours, slaving away in the laboratory to come up with a workable machine which has already located clandestine graves in numerous venues. He says it can detect a single drop of blood that is over twenty years old. He’s put it to the test at graveyards. Example: if you say your great, great, great grandfather is buried amongst 20,000 gravestones, Dr. Vass and put a sample of your DNA (fingernail clippings) in his machine and with about 85% accuracy, his machine will point right at where your grandfather rests in his grave. Forensic Recovery Services uses a multi-layered approach to finding graves. When we feel we have narrowed down the area, Dr. Vass arrives with his INQUISITOR machine. When his machine points at a certain area, then the grave detection dogs are brought in along with ground penetrating radar. The results from this approach have been very encouraging. Dr. Vass never lets a day go by that he isn’t thinking of a way to improve the effectiveness of his INQUISITOR machine. Recently he added another feature which will help him measure the mass of bones. Yes, you heard me right… from the earth above, Dr. Vass can determine the length of a femur bone which will tell him how tall you were in life. Yes, Mr. Criminal… soon your life will be much worse because of the improvements in forensic technology. As any district attorney will tell you, it’s normally much easier to solve and prosecute a case when you discovered where the body is.