The Quantum Oscillator (Formerly known as; Inquisitor during the research and development stage) is a handheld device invented by Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Arpad A. Vass. The Oscillator searches large areas of land to narrow the search for grave detection dogs to find a family reference sample match.

No one else in the world has anything like it. It’s already creating a “seismic shift” in how missing people can be located very quickly whether they are alive or dead. Law enforcement agencies have yet to fully understand the implications of this fantastic machine.

What can be detected by the Quantum Oscillator?

The Quantum Oscillator detects living humans and human remains, which are either above and below the ground surface. Depending on the terrain, Dr. Arpad Vass has obtain “hits” as far as 30 miles away. Again, it all depends on several factors, so contact us with your specific questions.

Are the Quantum Oscillator’s results admissible in a court of law?

This is cutting-edge technology that our court system has yet to receive with open arms. Remember that DNA analysis before 1985 was rejected by law enforcement and judges as unproven science. We predict there will be a day when all judges will issue search warrants based on the results of the Quantum Oscillator.

Can searches for humans, either live or deceased, be narrowed to focus on a specific person?

Yes. If a particular person is to be detected or located, a family reference sample (e.g., hair, fingernail, blood) from an immediate blood relative will be required to calibrate the search instrument. Search requestor is responsible for providing the needed family reference sample or samples of any other materials being sought.

Do we impose any restrictions?

Yes. Due to the proprietary nature of this technology used in the search process, we allow only essential personnel to be present. News media, onlookers, photographers, and film media need to be cleared by us. Some of our equipment is proprietary and we prefer not to share guarded company secrets with the world.

What else is expected of the research requester?

The requester shall be responsible for obtaining any required or applicable search authorizations, clearances, and permissions necessary to conduct a reasonable and thorough search. We can discuss all this once we have a better idea as to what exactly you are desiring to do.

Who would you contact to get more information or to engage our services?

The best way to start is by sending us an email with a brief synopsis of your situation and what you need specifically. Phone calls are great but an email is better and we look forward to receiving your communication. Please use the information on our contact page to connect with our organization.