Each case is taken on a case-by-case basis. If there is a reward substantial enough to cover our costs, their could be little or no charge to the people attempting to find an individual. If there is no reward available either through a Go-Fund-Me page or from personal funds, then we have no alternative but to charge fees upfront. We employ all types of sensors on all types of platforms. Occasionally, we may have to bring in aircraft to help us zero in on a person’s location.


As briefly mentioned above, we use of a multi-disciplined approach to finding missing people. We blend a world recognized research scientist In Dr. Arpad A. Vass with his new INQUISITOR technology, along with highly-trained grave-detection dog(s) with their trainer, former Police Detective Sergeant Paul Dostie and rounding out with one of the top experts in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Dr. Kent Schneider.

In the case of a missing human being, the research scientist will use his machinery to narrow the search field, then a highly trained cadaver dog is utilized to zero in on the precise location of the body. If necessary, we can also bring in a GPR (ground penetrating radar) unit and operator to assist as well.

In a case where someone could be buried in an area covering several square miles, we also have the ability to utilize a helicopter with highly specialized equipment to sweep a much larger area to narrow down the search area considerably.

Because each case is different, it’s very difficult to provide a cost for our services, until we know the details of each particular situation. We can provide a general idea of what some of the costs might entail…

  1. There’s a $1,000 retainer or “engagement fee.”
  2. Clients will be requested to pay all travel, parking, car rental, lodging, meals, and airfares. Generally, lodging, meals and incidentals won’t exceed limits outlined in GSA CONUS per diem rates.
  3. A research scientist utilizing the INQUISITOR machine is $300/hr.
  4. GPR equipment and operator varies, but begins at $150/hr.
  5. Retire police detective and grave detection dog: $150/hr.
  6. Helicopter and pilot, if needed: Rate TBD (To Be Determined), and is based on area of the country and availability of aircraft and crew.

NOTE: Emergency, night, or inclement weather searches are billed at a higher retainer and hourly rate. Fees for searches involving hazardous duty environments or multiple days are subject to negotiation and depend on the level of hazardous duty our team might face.